Community Causes


The truth is, at this very moment, right here in our community, there are families and children who are in need of love and support. At the Priscilla Cavazos-Whiteaker Insurance agency, we want to extend a helping hand to members in our community facing hardships that we know we can help remedy. Not because we are philanthropists, but because we are neighbors. As members of the Rio Grande Valley community, it is our promise to make a difference to those in need.

We are certain we can offer some relief through our agency’s operations, and that’s why we are implementing a Community Cause Program. In which, we ask for referrals because for each policy we quote, we offer to make a donation to benefit a family in need. We are not afraid of rejection simply because lives can be benefitted by our courage. We will not be stopped by judgment because we understand the work that needs to be done cannot wait for one single giving season each year. Our mission is to make our community’s well-being part of our PCW Insurance Agency Brand- every day, all year-round.

That’s why we volunteered to become part of the national #AgentsofChange movement, which now empowers our agency’s own Community Cause Program to provide hope, relief and opportunity for local folks facing a tough time.


We believe we can have all of our campaigns SOLELY FUNDED BY OUR AGENCY… by simply REWARDING YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS. Of course, donations can be made directly to supported organizations, but we are happy to use our own agency’s money and do that on your behalf, instead!


We know our hearts are not the only ones to break when made aware of real people going through real suffering not too far from us. And we sure can do much to change things for them. We look forward to together, helping our community live well and thrive!


Priscilla Cavazos-Whiteaker

Agency Owner


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