By Priscilla Cavazos-Whiteaker | July 31, 2019

Why is Life Insurance Important?

Priscilla C-W: Hi everyone. I am Priscilla Cavazos-Whiteaker, and I’m the Confident Planner. Today, I wanted to answer a question. Why is life insurance important? I like to see life insurance as family protection to help you avoid being a financial burden to your loved one, if in the event of something unexpected happened tomorrow, by putting a plan into place to make sure you have a financial means to cover your mortgage, your auto payment, funeral expenses, as well as financially supporting your family, so they wouldn’t have to depend on a go fund me account if the event you weren’t here. So call me today. I’d love to put a plan into place with you and your family to give you and them the peace of mind that they deserve. You can reach me at (956)270-4881.